That is what my  youngest daughter got tonight at Cheer leading.   3 demerits.  She got into this cheer leading thing in the town we are in.  I do not particularly think it is a cool gig but I would hang out in the afternoon when I was young and do sports…, I am in with it. 

Tonight one of the parent/coaches/volunteers/kid’s mom/helper all in one….came out with some form that she shoved in my face and gave me a pen to sign it.  It was 730pm, hot and humid in summer in Florida and I had not had supper.  I signed it and was on my way with my daughter.  Never looked at it or gave it a second thought. 

My daughter told me the form I signed was a demerit form that that she really did not do anything wrong….she was not at fault….she was not the one in the wrong….and she started to cry.  Oh, man….I have 3 girls and one boy.  I am a soft touch when one of my girls cries.  So, we just stopped and talked about it…..

I thought about all the times I was really wrong….all the times that I did really mess up….and the times I turned to God….  It would seem like he would just stop and listen to me. 

I love being a dad.  It is an awesome responsibility….but so cool. 

I want you to know today….God is waiting….pulled over on the side of the road to hear what is on your mind…..He wants to ….. He longs to talk to you…. and to me. Stop today and just spend a minute chatting with him about the demerits you got today.