I was talking with my buddy Steve today, who also works with me.  He was telling me about a message he will be giving this coming Sunday.  His folks don’t visit my blog… I won’t spoil it for them.

He will be doing a gig on the Lord’s Prayer.  Yep, that thing we call the Lord’s Prayer.  It is in Matthew 6.  Check it out. 

He will be focusing on one part of it……forgive us our debts or trespasses…..or just plainly….forgive us……as we forgive others or a clearer translation is…as we have forgiven others.  That aint cool.  Jesus slipped that one in on me.  You see, when I am wronged…..I really deep down do not want to forgive others.  Now, sometimes I will, other times, I do….. but when someone really hurts me….I sort of want them to get what they deserve.  Now, by doing this…wanting them to get what they deserve…..I am ….. well, getting what I deserve.  

I never did like this Lord’s Prayer thing anyway..  A rote memorization of scripture, just said blindly when we were  told… “lets join together and say the Lord’s Prayer”.  Then I really started to listen to it.  To internalize it.  To break it down, word by word.  It began to mean something.

Then it hit me one day….well, like today, when Steve asked me… you forgive others.  That hurts man.  How could he do that to me….?