My buddy Brian Patenaud made a comment on a post where we were talking about lightning.  We apparently were watching the same lightning display the other night and in awe of the power displayed…..  He is a landscape designer and knows his nitrogen and other ingredients. 

His comments gouged me like a knife as I thought about what he said. 

Brian Says:
August 14, 2009 at 1:52 am e

I spent some time watching the lightening show too. One very interesting by product of lightening is the creation of nitrogen in the atmosphere. The visual show of power is awesome. The nitrogen generated by the bolts comes down in the rain and nourishes the plants of the earth. That is why you have to mow your grass more after a good rainstorm. Amazing…Gods creative ways. And He still wants to work amazing things in us & through us. Nitrogen can’t be seen in the air but it sure is effective. Are we? Effective I mean. We may act like a bolt of lightening but are we producing something that is effective!


Are we producing something effective or are we just a…..Flash in the Pan?  I honestly have to check myself to see if I am productive, producing something effective or if I just….well, sometimes look good on the outside, sound good on the outside, am at the right place, with the right “look”.  This may not be you.  But Brian’s comments should serve to just have us check ourselves. 

2 Timothy 3:5 talks about, “having a form of godliness….but denying the power thereof.”  Effective or a flash in the pan? 

Brian is cool.