So why do we …..well, not  just do it…?  Why do we NOT do what God is telling us to do.  Check out the link to the previous blog.   

I have over a hundred excuses why I do not …..  just do it.  Some are really cool…like I am praying about it.  I am waiting for God to speak to me about it. 

Others are crap.  Like….I don’t know if this is really God. (I mean He is slamming me in the face with it) or  I am looking for confirmation.   Don’t get churchy on me.  Hang with me please.

Now, this may not be you.  I am talking about me.

God gave the disciples in Luke 9 (in the first verse…power and authority).   Check these verses out.  Just read them.  I want you to think about them, the power and authority given the disciples and what is yours…. mine and yours. 

I am going to open up the scriptures to what God gave this group of rag tag folks….disciples…..unchurched…..uneducated……lower social class…..knuckleheads…….  and what he gives us… 

I am going to stop here.  Please follow the links.  Then hit this link.  See what a few old, bald, fat, jerks did through the…power and authority God gave. 

Hundreds of people changed…gave their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Hang with me on this…. this stuff…power and authority… is yours too.   Next time on Swervechurch.