Proceed with caution

I have this buddy, Mike Ellis, that is messed up.  Me, him and my brother Frank started this Church for Men gig.  I wanted to do a music  thing with my buddy Eric Alexander, Frank was in for the ride and he invited this wacko, Mike Ellis to join in with us because he was a marketing guy.  Mike felt the tug of God and wanted to do something substantial.  Church for Men was born.  We started small but 5o to 6o men gave their lives to Christ the 18 months  that Church for Men did events.  It was cool.  It burned us out and we took a rest. 

Mike then went to this homeless ministry.  It was crazy.  Mike is messed up. He invited me to speak on several occasions.  One night he called me at the last minute to come and speak.  I was available.  My daughters prayed with me before I left, one of them, Emily,  went with me.  They felt the Lord telling them that a 13 people would give their lives to Jesus Christ.  Crazy.  Especially with Mike involved.  One hour later….13 people gave their lives to Christ.  We went several other  times.  About 30 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ over the year.  It was…..well. messed up.  Mike is messed up.

So, my buddy Mike, blogs, and is in everything… but then he disengages.  For a long time he just takes a break.  That is cool.  But now he is back.  Now, you have to know that …..  well, Mike…..just like me……maybe just like you…. is messed up.  He does not have his life all figured out.  He does not have his role in life all figured out.  He does not have his ….. well, he is messed up. 

He is edgy.  His blog is not for everyone.  I love him.  Proceed with caution….well, because… Mike is Messed Up. Check out his blog.  He will hit on some…edgy subjects and sites.  Proceed with caution.  Understant…. I love him.   But he is messed up.


PS.  Will hit on power and authority really soon.  Will preach on it this Sunday.