A tennis shoe company… yes, and a big one at that.  Nike was also known as a female goddess of victory.  So, Nike came to be known as victory.  Jesus must have been a Nike fan.  He subscribed to the Nike philosophy of Just Do It.  Of victory.  Check out Luke 9.   

Here in Luke 9, Jesus is with his disciples.  He calls them together.  He wants to have some time with them.  So what he does is he gives them what they need for Victory…. For Nike.  He gives them power and authority.  I will hit on that in upcoming blogs.  But Jesus gives them what they need for victory….. and they are just a bunch of knuckleheads that believe what Jesus says….and they ….. well, they just do it. 

The record reflects that….well,.. they were told in verse 1 to cure diseased, preach the kingdom, heal the sick.  In verse 6, it says that they preached the gospel and healed the sick everywhere.  They just did it. 

You ever thought about Nike?  I have.  I often times think about it where I have either not done it or have failed when I try.  I don’t seem to focus on the times that I have succeeded.  I need to think on victory,  on Nike, more. 

God wants us to Nike.  He gives us what we need to do it.  Power and Authority.  He sends us out.  He is behind what we do or He is the collateral for our efforts.