“Catch Every Moment” 

 That is what Paola Casali from Rome said after she was unable to board the ill fated  helicopter for the tour of New York City because her 13 year old son too afraid to go.  As you know, the helicopter crashed with a plane shortly after take off.  It was their 9:01 a.m., like for my dear friend, Rocky Hunter. 

Ms. Casali, in an interview after the crash of the helicopter just said,  “today is the beginning of a new life, to catch every moment, every minute of this life.”

You ever had a close call of some sort?  Might not have been a helicopter crash or mid air near miss.  I had a guy shooting at me one night.  Bad guy… sort of makes you reflect.  But you do not have to wait until you have, “the close one”.  You SHOULD NOT wait until you have the close one.  In the book of James…it compares life to a mist.  I have seen it happen.  Rocky, Bruce Rossmeyer, Michael Jackson,…. you can name yours… a friend, a child, a mother, a father….another family member…. someone you see on the news that just impacted you. 

Catch every moment…..do it now.  Don’t wait.  And,….well, if you do not know Jesus Christ (even though you are reading a Christian blog….) do not wait another day.  Email me.  I can share what He has done in my life and what He can do in yours. 

Catch Every Moment…Every Minute