Log Jam in Oclawaha

We took Friday off and headed out to the Ocklawaha River north of Silver Springs to do a kayak trip from the Ray Wayside park at the SR 40 bridge to go north to Gore’s Landing, about 9 or 10 miles north.  We had a pick up vehicle put there early in the morning and we went to Ray Park.  Were in the water paddling by 830am.  Several groups and couples were there but they all went to the south on the Silver River toward Silver Springs.  We were the only 4 to go north.  I was pleased that we got the river to ourselves.  I was also curious as to why no one joined us.  Seemed suspicious. 

We have done this before so it is a familiar paddle.  Takes about 4 to 5 hours.  All with the current…. some obstructions but really a neat paddle.  Hot during the summer like we did it but still worth the work.  We had enjoyed a lunch, a good time, saw otters, alligators, turtles, fish, birds of all kinds…great scenery.  No other people.  We were nearing the 5 hour mark when it dawned on me why there was no one on the river with us.   We reached a log jam.  A total obstruction.  Logs, looked like a large maple and a very large gum tree blown over totally across the river.  No water passage.  Period.  No one was on the river here because it means taking the boats out of the water some  distance back…..carrying the boats around the obstruction on dry land…..getting all the materials back in the boat…..getting the boat back in the water….just about a 30 minute extra difficulty. 

We thought about going back…..5 hours against the current…did not make sense… we had to go on.  John 16:33 came to my mind…..in this world you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world.  I thought about what Jesus had overcome….what I needed to overcome in my life.  Not just logs on a river with my brother, sister and daughter….but the logs in my life.   Log jams…. got to pick up my boat.  And  you?  Got any logs in your life?