So, my 4 year old boy wants a bike ramp to ride his bike over.  Reasonable request.  I get 2 bricks and put them together and I get a 1×8 board that was in the shed, about 6 feet long.  I lay the end of the board on the bricks and as quick as you can say bike ramp…..we have one. 

It was the type of bike ramp I grew up on.  The better I got on the bike,…the more bricks my dad put under the board and the higher it went.  A few skinned knees later….I found something else to do with my bike.  It worked, I was happy with it, or at least I remember being happy with it, and after about 4 bricks…I was going  high enough.

Well, enter my 12 year old daughter that immediately wants me to up the ramp.  She wants to be the ramp queen.  But, this ramp is for the 4 year old.  So we leave it alone.  But, you see, he heard her say….lets make it higher.  So he wants it higher.  And walla… keeping up with the Jones’ at 4 years old. 

What is it that makes us want more?  What is it that tells me that I have to have the better lighter more durable ultralight tent, the graphite fishing pole, the better smart phone because the smarter one is not …. well, smart enough.  You see, I wanted to blame my 12 year old daughter for teaching my 4 year old son that what he had was not enough…. then I thought about the things that I actually practiced…..and …. well, I felt a need to repent. 

Paul said that whatever state he was in… either in the big house or jail….whether the big bass or the bream…(ok..I took a little liberty with scripture here)… he said that he had found that he was content. 

That is where we need to be… content.