An old police saying.

So,  I did not vote for Obama but if you follow this blog, you will know that I not only pray for him but advocate that you pray for him also as this is scriptural.  See blogs if you like.   1.  2.  3.  4.      

Obama sure wanted the police unions to back him when he was running for President and he got what he wanted.  I wonder how they feel now when he turns on a police officer that arrested a friend of Obama.  And, in true Obama fashion…or any other political figure….he does and about face, …. a spin,….an,.”I did not mean it that way” statement.  Let’s have a beer and forget about it. 

It is all over the news but an African American elite academic, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. had trouble getting in his house so his driver knocked the door in when it was stuck.  Neighbor calls police. Police arrive and just want to see identification to substantiate the person inside is the resident and belongs there. The resident wants to verbally abuse the officer rather than just show his identification.  Resident is arrested.  Charges later dropped.  Obama in a news conference calls the officer …. “stupid”.  The academic, Mr. Gates, is a friend of Obama.  Shame on Obama.  Shame on Gates for not showing his identification…..wouldn’t you have?  Shame on the cop for coming to work that day and answering a call from a person who saw something suspicious. 

Proverbs 18:17says that the person that first speaks seems right until someone comes and cross examines (or tests the facts).  This blog is not a political blog…..I am not a political person.  But I tell you that when the President starts inserting this sort of judgment into a case where a police officer answeres a call and just wants to see identification of the resident to show he lives there……Obama needs our prayers.