Doctors have to choose to take out tonsils to make money.  That is what I heard.  Maybe that is not what Obama meant.  But as I heard this time and time again…….it seems like I heard it right.  Over and over on conservative and liberal (yes I listen to them too) radio and TV shows.

I am not some right wing wacko. ….  I am not a republican pawn….. I am just a dad who has had some sick children that have had some health problems..for years..that ended up costing me about 100 thousand dollars out of pocket in health costs…….. but I am glad I had insurance.  I am even happier that I had the money to pay it and even happier that my children are alive today.

My doctors, locally Dr. Jean Claude Jeanty and at Nemours, Dr. Cotter did all they could, for over 6 years NOT to take out my children’s tonsils.  They eventually did…but they did every intervention they could. 

When I heard President Obama say that doctors make the decision to take out tonsils for money…… I cringed.  My doctors did not.         …and I pray for these doctors and for President Obama.

I bought into hope you can believe in.  Change you can believe in…Dr. Jeanty and Dr. Cotter are not who President Obama talked about last night.. I know this from experience.  I wonder if he does?

I will cover the cop arresting the professor another day…. I just feel sick to be an American tonight. Thank you Dr. Jeanty and Dr. Cotter.

I do not have a bible verse to impress you with today.  I do not have a bright little saying to say tonight.  I just tell you that I have not experienced what President Obama has said last night with my doctors.  I trust them, I love them… I pray for them and for our President and our country.

Louie Mercer at