That is what I thought about 15 years ago when I first was in the midst of a worship service where people fell down.  I just thought…..well, they fell out.  What the heck is this mess?  I thought it was crazy.  I was a young conservatively raised church person and …. well, thought it was way out….

Then I went with a group of men to Pensacola to a revival where some men from our church went.  These men fasted for 3 days before they went…  Me and a buddy of mine went for the entertainment value.  The men prayed the night before…me and my buddy went to a steak house, had a pitcher of beer (or so)  and steaks… came back and went to bed.  Then we went to the revival the next day… on a Wednesday.

We watched the other men, some of them, go forward after all that can be described as a spirit filled moving service.  Some of them…fell out… The tug of the Holy Spirit was strong.  I went forward….and I fell out.  I could not believe it. 

In John 18 Jesus is being arrested for being Jesus.  The bad guys come to get him and when they hear Jesus say that I am the one you are looking for….those cats hit the dirt.  Now, you can go to Strongs and check it out…but any way you cut it… they fell out.  Check it out if you don’ t believe me. 

They fell out just like me.  I had put God in a nice neat religious box.  This is the way that this religious stuff should go.  It may not be for you but the Holy Spirit changed me that day.  I called my wife.  I told her I would be home after God finished dealing with me.  I came  home….I went back…I stayed for quite a few days. God was sorting me out…

God wants to deal with all of us.  Don’t put God in a box…..you may just fall out.