1 John 1:6 says if we have fellowship with Christ but we walk in the darkness, then we lie and do not do the truth.  This word fellowship means…..well, the most physically intimate way we can join together….  So, if we have this with Christ but we walk….(this word means to tread around…to live or to be occupied by) things of the darkness (shadiness or obscurity)….then we are a liar, deceptive,… not true. 

I love teaching, preaching, living, being part of the body of Christ.  I love my church, my family, my employer, my employees.  I pray all the time for the folks that I work with,… my family, my pastors,…I just absolutely want the best for them.  Period. 

Then, I think about …..  how I may come across sometimes.  I mean, sometimes I do not mean to come across….not Christ like…. but I am sure that I do. 

I want to always come across with the love,….the fellowship mentioned above, of Jesus….the intimate way this was meant.  But if I fellowship with Christ but do not “walk” with Him…then I am a liar. 

I get convicted many times when I say, think or act in a way that I sort of walk around ways that are…..well, of the darkness, the shadiness,…. the wrong way.  And then the impression I give is not that of Christ.  You see, I struggle with this and strive to always come off as if I was walking in the …. light.  I do not want to be a liar….