I love camping, hiking and being outside.  I love sleeping in a tent in the outdoors.  I just love it.    (sorry it takes so long to open this blog due to the picture…)

Well, I was in area 27  near Sterling Mountain in the Great Smokey Mountains on the way to the Appalachian Trail for a 5 day hike and camp with some friends of my  brother Frank.  Frank could not come at the last minute….so I went anyway. 

It turned cold the day we arrived.  Temps were in the high 20’s at lower elevations and as we went up to about 6500 feet, the snow began and the temps got much colder.  We had to change plans due to about a 30 mph wind to go with the temps.  The Trail Boss, Kevin Kinion, a wise leader, chose an alternative camp site away from much of the wind.  But the wind was rough, temps cold….it was a tough night.  And I was in a tent with a 20 degree bag. 

2 Corinthians 5:1 says that, “Now we know if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not build by human hands.”  The wind was howling, the trees, especially the one right next to my tent, was blowing and swaying to the point I could feel the ground moving with the roots being shaken.  I was …..  well, boogered out of my comfort zone big time. 

My tent was held down by 6 or 8 little aluminium spikes and my body with a tree shaking the ground.  That is sort of like our body, which this scripture is talking about.  Our body is fragile and temporary.  Effected by so many things.  But we do have a building from God… not made by human hands that wind, snow or weather can not effect.  It is our spiritual body.  Our spiritual tent. 

Wish I had thought of this scripture as I laid in this tent  ….  with some anxiety…. and pretty darn cold.