You ever say something that you wish you hadn’t said?  Something off the cuff or maybe in anger?  Maybe something you thought was cute or funny but after it came out….well, it was not so cute or funny?  Have you ever wished you could get those words back?  My High School English teacher, Francis Morgan told us to think about our words as a bag of white feathers.  You are standing on a cliff thousands of feet high with the Grand Canyon below, with the wind at  your back and each white feather is a word.  You open the bag and all the feathers go out of the bag and fly quickly away over this huge canyon thousands of feet below.  But there is one black feather, one word, one saying, one oops that you want to get back…. a do over….. I did not mean it that way……  and you want to get it back but you can’t. 

With email, texts, tweets, IM’s, facebook, myspace and all of our ways to instantly communicate…..  Don’t Press Send.  Think about it first.  I had a member of my family….one of my children ask me, “so, does the bible say that I can’t say what I think?”   Well, I wish I had contemplated on this myself in almost every day of my life.  However, I have not a lot of times.  I wish I had thought about it …before I said it….before I pressed send….. 

Proverbs 13:3 says, “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin”. 

Wish I had practiced this myself…a few times.  Think about it…  Don’t Just Press Send.