That was the question I got Sunday in youth group.  Seems like a simple question from a 12 year old.  Why does God not just save everyone if He wants everyone saved?  I hate those kind of questions because I like to be some type of religious intellectual that knows everything and can answer every question…. but I can’t.  I have also thought about that sort of question too.  Like, if God knows everything,….why does he not stop the bad stuff and do the good stuff. 

I guess I can only feebly explain that it goes to the Garden.  Eden.  God gave us free will.  I know you may think this is lame.  I do too sometimes.  But God lets us do what we want to do.  Now we could get into sovereign will and permissive will and argue for years.  I don’t want to do that.  I don’t have the fight in me to do it.  I just know that God knows all things….sounds pretty lame…..and then God lets us do it….on our own. 

Now, he tries to influence us….by the drawing of the Holy Spirit,….by His word…. by the 10 commandments etched in stone, by the prophets, by the law, ……. but He just wants to have a relationship with us.  To be a part of our lives where He talks to us and we listen and obey. 

Unfortunately….we don’t obey that much.  We are pretty hard headed.  At least I am and so is my buddy Mike Ellis.  But we love God.  So….Why does God not just save everyone?  Well, He wants to.  He would.  He will if we would let him…..a 12  year old asked me this.  I seemed so simple.  I wish I knew the answer.  Tell me what you think…… I just wonder myself.