So, yesterday I did Mooowhich was an introduction to Romans 8:6.  It sort of had a Chic Fil-A bent to it.  Sort of an eat more chicken sort of thing.

But what does it really mean to be carnally minded?  What does it really mean that you are involved in a way of thinking that produces death?   Carnally minded, the first part of Romans 8:6 means that if you think a certain way, you can die.  It means that if you focus on your ego, your pride, your personal way of doing things…..that it is not pleasing to God. 

Rick Warren, the pastor of Saddleback church and creator of Purpose Driven Life says in his book with the same title, that it is not about you… is not about us….it is not about our way of thinking, doing, acting, existing, ….. it is not about our wants or desires, our place in the bigger order of things…our satisfaction….. it is about God. 

You see, if we focus….or have a bent that is focused on us….well, then we will never be pleased.  We will just continue to want our stuff… want our way….want to be the center of attention….want to be the one…..and it is not about us.  That is carnally minded. 

I have been that way most of my life….and if I am painfully honest…..I still am carnally minded in many areas of my life.  It does not produce life.  It does not produce growth… produces disappointment, discouragement, depression….well, death.   And not just physical death but spiritual death…or separation from God.   

Take a hard look at your life…like I try to do and see where there are areas of …..selfishness, ……. self centerdness…… flesh….. carnally mindedness…..and death.   Refuse to be a part of it…a little at a time.