Romans 8:6 says to be carnally minded is death. 

I love beef.  I love meat…….I love steak, meatloaf, hamburger, roast,….shoot, my mother makes the best rump roast  you could ever dream of.  We still will go by her house and eat rump roast cooked in the oven, rice, cabbage, carrots…it is just out of this world.  No one on this earth can cook like Wanda Mercer.  Period.    So, I am carnally minded.  I love meat….especially beef.

That is what the specific word means in scripture,  flesh…   but in context, it means the external, the outward flesh, what is on the outside and not the inside.  It means the body.  You see, to be bodily minded, to be always focusing on the outside, the things that make the outside fleshly person in you satisfied… is death.  Yes,….eating too much beef….meat….is bad for you.  Cholesterol, LDL, high fat content leads to heart disease, high triglycerides, all that stuff. 

Carnal.  Just the word by itself, well, it does go to the very core of what we are….well, if not you,  then me.  I am carnal.  Romans 7:14 says it plainly…  I am carnal..  You are carnal.  It is our nature..  We want to please our flesh.  I do. 

But carnally mindedness means death.  If you focus on, if you think on what is carnal…. the scriptures say….it is death. 

I will hit on spiritual and also “minded” in the next few blogs.  If you want to check it out live… I will be doing this gig on July 11, 2009 at Swerve…..6pm when we will also have pizza and water rides for the kids.