I love wood, wood working, sawing, building…..lumber yards.

I grew up in Bunnell, FL and worked as a young man at Dunn Hardware in the lumber yard.  I got to load lumber, stack lumber, deliver lumber, handle lumber….but the most fun was when I was allowed to cut lumber.  The smell, the color, the texture… was just awesome. Hub Frier, OK Herr, Chuck Herr, Tommy Herr…..they all helped me.  I am grateful to them.

In today’s world, when you cut lumber…you wear goggles.  That is just standard operation procedure.  It wasn’t when I worked at Dunn’s in Bunnell.  If  you have ever gotten a piece of sawdust in your eyes you will quickly see why the goggles deal is the standard practice in today’s industrial world.  It just takes one speck of sawdust to literally blind you.  If not blind you, to make you crazy with pain and discomfort where you can’t do anything else.  I still love sawdust.

Matthew 7 askes the question, why do we look at the speck of sawdust in our brother’s eye and not pay attention to the plank in our own eye?  Seems ridiculous doesn’t it.  A plank in our eye.  But that is the comparison.  If you have ever had a speck in  your eye, you know, even how much an eyelash can drive you crazy.  But the scriptures talk about us worring about a speck of dust,…sawdust,…in our  brother’s eye and neglect to see the plank in  our own eye.

Got any planks in your eye?  I do…..well, I hate to admit it but I sort of do.  I mean, it is really easy to see what is going on in other people’s lives and want to fix it when …. well, I have my own stuff to fix. 

I will be hovering on this subject this week and will cover it, with Michael Jackson’s help….on Saturday… Swervechurch….6pm 1835 Taylor Road….water games for kids afterwards and pizza for all that come….cool