This is totally cool.  A sonic boom.  Breaking the sound barrier.

Have you ever heard a jet break the sound barrier?  If you have not….well, it is out of this world neat.  Living in Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center, the Space Shuttle coming and going, you get to see the take off, which is neat, and you get to see it….or hear it come back in… the space shuttle with its classic…..  a double sonic boom. 

Noise, sound.  Just like the early church.  You see, in Acts 2 at the day of Pentecost, the scriptures talk about a sound that came from heaven.  It was the sound of a might rushing wind.  It may not have been a sonic boom,….but if you have never heard a sonic boom….well, … it is dynamic and goes to the core of your body.  I have heard many.  This is like the power of Jesus Christ.  He is powerful. 

People have compared the sound of a tornado to the sound of a frieght train.  Again, very powerful stuff that is associated with sound.  What I say to you tonight is this.  God is associated with sounds.  In Acts….it was the sound of a might rushing wind……may have been a sonic boom…..may have been a tornado.  But God is into sounds. 

Listen for God to speak to you.  He may do it in a small voice, or in a crash or boom or tornado…  But, God loves you and He is trying to communicate with you in so many different ways…. sound is one…His word is another.  I think I will show you about His word tomorrow and a certain group of people.