So, to follow up on James 1:5…..if you lack wisdom… God gives it in 3 ways.

Generously, ………. to all…….. without finding faultCheck it out. 

God will give wisdom generously.  I need it generously.  I need a lot of it.  How about you?  I have been dealing with some work issues that I have no idea how to  handle.  I need it generously.  I need it now. 

I need it for all of my work force too.  For all of them  Just like your place of work…..there are challenges that are enormous.  Mine too.  So, I need it for every single person at my work. 

God says he gives it without finding fault.  I am glad because I am ……. well, when I think about it…..I am ….. well, at fault.  I mess up.  I seem to get it … well, incorrect.  I get things wrong.  I mess things up.  I get it all messed up.

So, you need wisdom?   I do.   God provides it generously, to all, without finding fault.   A pretty simple scripture packed full of just real life stuff. 

Ask God.  It is yours.  For  your work, your family, your children, your spouse, your church, your finances….everything.