Ever need help with something?  Ever just need an edge?  I have!  I have just plain needed help..  I need it a lot. 

I need help being a father.  I have kids ranging from 27 to 4 years old.  They all  have different needs, questions and are at different levels in maturity.  It is just plain tough sometimes.  I need help being a husband.  I need it a lot.  It is tough sometimes balancing the needs of a family and I just flat fall down being a husband at times.  I need help being a boss.  I have people that depend on me to deliver and they have their own needs, that sometimes conflict with mine.  They are good people and I love them. 

I need help being a brother, a son, a pastor, a leader…….sometimes I just want to give up.  It gets really confusing sometimes and I just seem to be at the end of my rope. 

In James 1 the scripture talks about needing  help or wisdom.  It specifically says, in James 1:5, “if any of you lacks wisdom.”  I find this comforting that it is not so specific…..not baptist, Methodist, catholic, pentecostal….brother, son, father, husband, boss, employee, employer…..pastor, ….anything……just any of you.  I went to the Strong’s Greek and Hebrew and found that any means….well…..all, any, not discriminatory.  Any of us.

Do you lack wisdom in areas of your life?  I do!  This first part of James says…….if any of you lacks wisdom. 

I will cover more on James 1 this week.  I think you will find it interesting.