I went in inverse order of Psalm 23 yesterday….The Lord is my Shepherd…I shall not want..  I went with not wanting, not being reduced, not being lowered before I went to the Shepherd part.  I got a great comment from Eric of Beating Debt, which I happen to agree with.  How debt can and is crushing families each day…reducing them….

Today, the Lord is my Shepherd.  I had always thought of a shepherd as a meek, mild, hang out in the desert, loner.  As I examine the 23rd Psalm, I realize that it is because the Lord is my Shepherd that I am not in want.  It is because the Lord is my Shepherd that I am protected.  It is because the Lord is my Shepherd that I am not being reduced. 

I can, however, and have, walked away…..strayed from my shepherd.  As Eric was and does talk about in his blog….. debt is one way we can leave the covering of our shepherd.  We can just go and do our own thing and act like there is no tomorrow…..and we are exposed to …….those things that would devour us. 

As I read Eric’s comments and began to reflect on this debt issue…. and the debt issue that our country is getting into…..(I will stay out of presidential politics..) I thought about each and every family that, on average, is getting deeper and deeper into debt and being strangled by it….being reduced….being endangered….just like the sheep in the herd.

So, if that is you….and debt is strangling you.  Check out Eric’s site.  But first….go to the Shepherd.  Ask for the way out today.  Stop today.  Believe today that you can get out of debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, …. reduction. 

Want to not be in want?  Let today the Lord be your shepherd.