Pretty familiar phrase.  This is the first few words of the Psalms 23 or the 23rd Psalm. 

I have always wondered what it would be like to, “not be in want”.  I saw today a picture on the web early about a lottery winner.  88 million dollars.  Bet he will not be in want.  I wonder about Ed McMahon’s wife after his death yesterday and the house being potentially foreclosed upon.  Bet she will be in want.  I drive an old truck, I really like it, but it is old.  Wonder what it would be like to be driving a new one.

See, these things are all material.  I suspect that I am not the only person that is selfish and thinking about selfish things.  But the scripture here is speaking to me about not being in want..for the heavier things in life.  Actually the Hebrew word here litterally means to not be lessened, to not be removed or be decreased. 

God today wants you to know that He does not want you to be decreased.  Are there things in  your life that are trying to decrease you?  Maybe unhealthy relationships or unhealthy behaviours?  Are there habits or actions or thoughts that threaten to decrease you?  How about debt, anxiety, low self esteem that threatens to decrease you?  God does not want you decreased.  He is our shepherd.

It is in the shepard that God will minister to you.  I will hit on this tomorrow.