That is what me and my wife did tonight with one of our daughters.  Zone coverage.  I really like basketball.  I am sad that basketball season is over.  I have done some posts on the NBA like one on one with Kobe and Lebron.  But tonight, me and my wife did a zone on our daughter on her cell phone texting habits.

Now, this daughter is one really cool and reliable daughter.  She can cook, can manage the  house, has over a thousand dollars saved, can sing and looks great.  She is a wonderful child.  She just uses the text too much for us.  Now I know we are old fuddy duddies but when I look at the record and see her texting at almost 2am….even in the summertime…it is too late. 

We talked to her about this……it seemed to work but then we got some wrong information, I am not saying a lie…but wrong info.  We took the phone.  Big deal right?  You got a teenager?  It is a big deal. 

The scriptures say  in Proverbs 3:12, that the ones that the Lord loves, He disciplines….like the son he is pleased in.  I am so very pleased in my daughter.  She is really fantastic.  So I discipline her.  Me and my wife…  a full court press.  A zone defense. 

Then I think about me.  My sin.  My deceptions.  My willful disobedience.  I know God loves me.  I willfully submit to correction.  Surprisingly….so does my teenage daughter.  In whom I am well pleased.  God is well pleased in you ….  just like I am in my daughter.