I was in Key West last week.  I have lived in Florida all my life and had never been.  My wife wanted to go, it was our 20 somethingith anniversary.  So, she made a reservation at a Bed and Breakfast and we headed out.  Key West.  For me it was for the birds.

The place was not so hot, well, actually it was hot.  The air conditioner broke and the room was hot….really hot.  They moved us to another room under 6 guys that came for a bachelor party.  The smoke alarm kept beeping, someone wrote with some bright orange window paint on our van windows and it just was not what we had thought it would be. 

So we walked along the main drag, Duval Street, which was full of just a big party.  It is what it is. It was fine.  As we were walking  back one evening to our B and B, I saw a sparrow among the bushes.  I mean, there were hundreds of people all over the place, there was loud music, confusion, a stench of overindulgence on many different levels and people jammed on top of people.

I just stopped and watched the sparrow.  Simple, content, eating on seeds supplied by a free growing plant and seemingly safe and secure….content.  Matthew 6:26 talks about the birds… how they really don’t do anything and God takes care of them.  God loves us so much more… He will take care of us.  The record goes on to talk about the flowers and how beautiful they are….God takes care of them.  In context, these scriptures are pointing us to just seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…..then all these other things will be given to us. 

A sparrow in the Keys.  Taken care of  by God.  How much more God loves me and you.  Today, after you read this….just try today to first seek God….if you do,… the record reflects that he will take care of you.