Well, naked. 

That is how we came into this world.  Naked.  Naked seems to be a nasty word.  Seems dirty.  But it isn’t.  When I think of naked, …. I do actually think of some bad stuff….. but then when I settle down a little…. it is how we really are.  Naked. 

We work for a lot of stuff..but when we die,….all the stuff goes away.  The record reflects that we come and go with nothing.  Naked we go and naked we leave.  So what is it that makes us want so much stuff?  What is it that makes us want to possess so much stuff. 

I went through my younger daughter’s room this weekend and we ended up throwing away about 10….13 gallon bags of ….well….stuff.  Then I thought about all my stuff.  All this stuff that I have, both physically and spiritually.  All the stuff that I have that I have stored up.  Physical possessions, houses, cars, clothes, TV’s, reputations, titles, …… really, good stuff, but …naked I go. 

So, what really matters?  Am I making an impact on the stuff that really matters?  My family?  My friends?  Those that really make a difference in my life?  Are you?  You know we are naked?