courtney lee

You ever choke?  I have literally choked on food… is scary.  But I don’t mean about choking on food.  I mean just really messed up.  Really, performed terribly?   OK, I am from Florida and root for the home team, Orlando Magic….but I like the Lakers too. 

In the NBA Finals, Game 2, Orlando Magic player Courtney Lee choked on what all agree was a shot that should have been made, especially by a pro.    Yes, he is a pro in the NBA.  Yes, he has spent his life playing basketball.  Yes, he practices hours on end to make shots like this.  Fact is,…..he choked. 

I don’t know about you but I choke too.  The pressure is on to be a dad, a husband, a boss, a friend, a pastor, ……… a Christian……and sometimes I just choke.  I just mess up beyond belief.  I have an easy shot and I just flub.  I choke.  I have had years of practice, years of experience, years of service in doing a particular thing and I just choke…..I mess it up.

Whenever I fail….whenever I mess up….which is often….I think about God….who never fails, who never leaves, who never forsakes.  This is in Deuteronomy 31:6.

I am glad that even though I mess up, even though I fail.    God will never fail.  Courtney Lee must feel bad.  We fail.  God does not.   God does not choke.