Sorry I missed a day…..technical issues.  More on Ephesians 6:12.

So, we do wrestle, it is not with flesh and blood, it is against spiritual lions, tigers and bears.   (I realize I am using a lot of links today.  Want the real thing, no links, come to church on June 21)  It is interesting that both before and after Ephesians 6:12 that the verses talk about the Armor of God.  It says in the verse before and after that we have to use the whole armor of God.  So, this whole spiritual battle is sandwiched between what we need to do to fight it.  There is a reason for that.  It is important. 

So, use all of the armor.  Not just part of it, not just a piece of it, not what you want to use, not what is convenient to use at the time, now what you think you should use, not what your mother or father told you to use, not what the pastor told you, ………all of it.  The whole enchilada. 

You see, Satan has a lot of tricks.  That is why the scriptures call them “the wiles of the devil,” because that is what they are.  Trickery, deception, travesty,… is even translated literally, to lie in wait.  Satan lies in wait for us to come into battle, (remember we do struggle, not maybe when we struggle).  And when we do come into battle, we need to be prepared.  Why would a modern day soldier go into battle without body armor?  They would not!  If they did,…well, they would be unprepared, foolish, not wise.  I was a police officer for over 20 years.  I was into my career about 18 years when I was working one night and not wearing my body armor.  Luckily the guy was a bad shot and I was not.  But, I was foolish, too confident, it won’t happen to me type thing.  

Well, it did happen to me.  It will happen to you!  Maybe not a real physical shooting…..but Satan lies in wait.  You will struggle.  Use all of the armor.  The whole enchilada.  I will hit on that (barring any tech issues) tomorrow.