The bible says salt is good….

I have high blood pressure.  Not sure why, as no one else in my family does.  I walk about 20+ miles a week, am in good health otherwise, had a stressful job for over 2o years, and probably just my disposition.  So I stay away from salt.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love salt.  But I stay away from it. 

Salt, however, is very tasty.  It does help in the taste of food.  Salt is a preservative too.  An if you put a piece of salt pork in some cabbage or black eyed peas, it really adds a lot to the dish.  Bible says salt is good.  Check out Mark 9:50  first 3 words. 

So it is not a biblical question as to whether salt is good.  That is clear.  It is when salt looses its flavor.  You see, salt is good.  It is when salt looses its flavor that salt is no longer useful.  Why would you put salt on your food if it was not salty?  You would not!

God wants us to be salty… be be beneficial….to be,….well….tasty to others.  For, if we lose our saltiness….then …what good are we.  This scripture says to live peaceably with each other.  To be prudent.  If you have no salt, then you can not  be prudent.  If you are not prudent,….then what good are you…..

Pass the salt.