Memorial day commemorates men and women who died while in military service. 

I can not take away from what those in uniform that gave to our country and give to our country every single day.  I am so grateful for those who stand against the wall.  For those who serve in far away places.  Places we really have no concept of and places we really do not even know.   They do things we do not even want to know.  But we do want to move around with safety, we do want to go out at night, we do want to collect in our public places with safety…….but there are those who do things to protect us that would probably otherwise turn out stomachs. 

Some of them are not here today.  They gave their lives for us.  

I was in Washington DC on a business trip for 10 days.  Every single day I traveled out to Arlington on the train.  I laced up my shoes, somberly I tucked in my shirt and I ran each day among the  headstones.  I thanked the families, I thanked the soldiers, I thanked the husbands, I thanked the wives.  I thanked the sons born and not born.  I thanked the daughters born and not born.  I thanked the brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles that gave their lives for me and my family. 

Am I a choked up, grateful person.  Yes.  My dad, Ray Mercer, still alive, got a silver star and a bronze star…..just to name a few…..and he says that he has the medals……but there were those that gave their lives……..

Thank you.