I was asked to speak at an event this past weekend.  The setting was at Cracker Creek, a kayak, canoe and outdoor recreation area in Port Orange on Spruce Creek.  Just a beautiful place. It was called a “Steak Out”.  Men and women came together under the pavilion and had steak, potatoes, vegetables, drinks and dessert……listened to some jazz music and just had a wonderful time. 

I had a message planned which incorporated a very short video.  I had my  notes ready to go.  My brother through his church sponsored the event but it was not a membership, get people signed up to join the church gig.  It was just a fellowship.  When I asked my brother how many people there,….of the about 50 people, were members of his church.  He responded that only about 25 to 30.  So, there were quite a few people that came that were not, “church folks” 

After the food, we showed the short video and I tried to use my notes…but it did not work.  My notes were for an uplifting message to saved people.  God had different plans.  It turned into a pure salvation message.  A young man in the back had the deer in the headlights look the entire time.  I have led many people to the understanding of the gospel during my life……but this guy was locked into a stare.  It is like how I feel when God is convicting me of things in my life that scream out for attention. 

He obeyed the gospel call and accepted Christ.  It just still is amazing to me that the message of Jesus Christ remains so simple.  You know, …. Jesus still saves.  Steak and Salvation.  God is so awesome.