A young man yesterday responded when another was in need.  One man had a heart attack.  Another responded, with help from others and performed CPR and a third got an AED.  They applied the AED to the heart attack victim and saved the man’s life.  The story is in the Daytona Beach News Journal.  Check it out. 

The young man that took action gives the credit to God.  This  young man was not going to be there in the gym that day but changed his mind and went, according to a quote from him to me personally, that he felt God was telling him to go to the gym.  I did not know that God liked working out…..but God does work in mysterious ways. 

Some folks in the on line version of the article attribute the heart attack of the victim to God.  God, however, does give us all free choice.  I know the person that performed the CPR and AED and I know the victim.   God gives both free choice….

I am not calling the young man that took action a hero.  I am calling him obedient to God.  He went to work out, altered his schedule, to do what God was telling him to do.  Some can second guess God, good, evil, free will,….all that stuff forever.  I see a young man that did what he told me, personally, was what God told him to do.  Plain and simple.  He obeyed.  Good job.  God is pleased.  Me too!