The bible talks a lot about temptation.  Some directly and some indirectly.  The direct stuff is pretty clear. 

I walk almost every morning.  There are a lot of people in my neighborhood that walk.  It is like a walkers haven in the mornings between 5am and 630am.  A cool sea breeze is almost always there.  Very little if ever any traffic in the morning.  The neighborhood roads are in loops.  A good walking environment. 

Getting ready this morning at almost 5am, there was this woman that I had never seen before walk past my house.  Obviously a walker,…you could tell by her pace.  Obviously a woman….you could, well, … she was an in shape walker….  I wish I could say that my first thoughts were pure….but they were not. 

I started my walk and turned on my portable XM radio and listened to Dr. David Jeremiah…..I do that most mornings and he was talking about James 1:13 which the first words say, “When tempted”.  Not if but when.  Dr. Jeremiah sort of settled on this for a while and I then realized that temptation was inevitable,…a fact of life.  It is what we do with it that is the issue.  As the verse says, God does not do the tempting, but He does have the way out. 

After a few minutes of hearing this and walking fast ahead,….I made a right turn and took another loop.  Temptation will be a fact of life.  It may be a walker, food, money, power, or a whole list of things.  James 1:13.  cool