That is what Isaiah is telling us in Isaiah 40:28-31.  The bible is full of reminders.  Like post it notes all around our computer.  I like to use them.  Isaiah too!  He tells us in a rhetorical sort of way,….to remember that God that created everything is still full of power and energy.  He is not tired of hearing from us.  He understands our struggles and problems.  Not only that, he gives us strength.  Isaiah tells us that God will increase our strength. 

I have to stick a post it note on my desk sometimes, in my bible sometimes, but mostly in my heart…… to tell me that when I get worn out, get burdened, get troubled and get discouraged,……that God,…when I hope in him,…he will renew my strength.  He will help me soar with wings like eagles.  I can run the race and not get weary.  I can walk and not get faint.

On a Monday….. I hope want to encourage you to know that God loves you today.  Soak up Isaiah 40 in your life today,…this day.