Well, that is what it was with my daughter today at 159 pm.  No this is not a political statement about pro choice or pro life…. it is about a little boy born today, on his dad’s birthday to boot.   Another grandson for me.  Just a bragadocious blog about a little boy named Micah.  All in less than 200 words!!  Take you 60 seconds to read. 

They named him after a prophet in the bible that spoke about doom and then hope, about judgment and deliverance.  Sounds like America today.  Gloom one minute and then hope.  We see judgment and deliverance.  So, an addition to our family with another  young child.  Godly parents and a loving home for this young one.  I am proud and pleased with all of them. 

Micah 6:8 asks this question and gives the answer, “What does the Lord require of  you? …. To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”  Act right, love mercy by giving it, extending it, believing in it….and just walk humbly, without being haughty or arrogant. 

Happy birthday Micah….and Joel.   louie