Ever feel like you were in a snow globe?  One that was shaken up and the little white stuff going all around the place?  It is like driving, here in Florida in a driving rain storm or in colder places,….a whiteout.   You don’t exactly know where you are going, things are not clear, it is uncertain the path ahead.  It is, well, scary. 

Me and a very close friend of mine were talking about this and it reminded me of Hebrews 11 where the concept of faith is explained.  Faith is the belief in things not seen.  For me, faith has sometimes been like being in a snow globe and not knowing where exactly to go, which turn to make, what decision to settle on.  I have had to just rely on God and not my own way of thinking, my own talent, my own plan.  This concept is also talked about in 1 Corinthians 13 where the scriptures say that you see first dimly then more clearly later, as you mature.  It is as if, as you mature, your vision,…spiritual vision matures too. 

Ever feel like you are in a snow globe?  Can’t see so good?  You may just be where God wants you to be.  Using faith and not sight.   For the scriptures say we walk by faith and not by sight. (The Message says it really cool).