Anointing was done in the Old Testament to….well, anoint folks.  You maybe have always heard that, this person or that person at work is …..well, “anointed” for a position.  It means that they are set for it, in line for it, promised for it,…maybe they don’t have to work for it…. it is just theirs….easy! 

Well, a king, the first king to be anointed king of Israel was Saul.  This is recorded in 1 Samuel 10:1.  Saul was anointed King.  The anointing oil mixture is recorded in Exodus 30:22-24.  This anointing oil was a mixture of oil and spices….it represented the presence of God.  It was a hin of oil.  A hin is about 4 quarts or more.  Think about this….anointing is with special oils and it is about 4 quarts…..or about a gallon….  Now that is a lot of oil.   But then,  God is a lot of God.  So, you had a lot of oil poured over you to anoint you for a position.  The oil represented God and it represented the way of God or the way being easy.  It also represented the fact that the anointing was no mistake.  I mean, you pour a gallon of smelly oil on someone…you knew they were anointed!!!

In the New Testament, the anointing is associated with the Holy Spirit.  It is something that comes when you begin to trust the Holy Spirit to lead your life, to guide your life.  It is a way of the Lord.   You don’t have to work for it…it is yours if you trust the Lord.   In Matthew 11:30 Jesus says, “My yoke is easy and my burden light.”  As we learn to let the Lord carry this stuff, our stuff, it can become easy….if we let it.  The anointing.  Oil.  Lubrication. Less friction.  No mistaking the anointing.  Easy. 

Old Testament, they poured a gallon on you to anoint you.  New Testament, it is just yours.  Walk in it.  My yoke is easy….