jesus-tombIt was a rock that blocked the entrance to the cave where the body of Jesus laid.  It was a large rock, put there by man.  Behind the rock was the body of Jesus,…also put there by man.  It seemed impossible to get into or out of….especially with a Roman soldier guarding it.

God had other ideas.  The rock was there, then rolled away.  It was rolled away not by man…..and Jesus was no longer there….again….not by man.   This by man and not by man struggle continues as we try to obtain what God has given us as a gift.   Eternal life.  The resurrection marks what is different about Christianity.  Life over death.  God and not man.  It is by God that we exist.  For that we should be eternally grateful.

Is there a stone,….something too big for you to roll away in your life?  Is there death somewhere in your life….too dead and decayed for you to revive?  God wants in there…to move the stone, to resurrect the death in your life.  He did mine…I am just so amazed.

God is awesome.  louie