Paul was on trial between the Govenor  Festus and the King Agrippa.  He had to defend his position in Jesus Christ.  The Jewish leadership rejected him because he had an encounter with God and changed from a killer of Christians to a believer of Jesus Christ.  As he was arguing his position for Christ, he fell back on the basic bible for the Jews and argued the point he was doing what the Law and the Prophets, the Jewish belief system, taught. 

They thought he was crazy due to  his great education.  Paul directly asked King Agrippa did he believe in the Law and the Prophets….which pointed to Jesus.  Of course he did!  The King believed…he had to….but the King asked Paul,…so do you think in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?  It was as if the King wanted to see if Paul could provide a drive thru presentation of Jesus.  Paul did. 

 I did today too, when a lady approached me when my buddy Mike Ellis brought her to me to ask about God.  I had 4 minutes tops to talk to her..  She was edgy, nervous and obviously seeking God.  In a short time….4 minutes..a drive thru….I finished.  She said she was almost convinced.  Almost convinced!  Almost convinced :(. 

I thought I failed..  I wonder if Paul felt that way with the King as the King said, in such a short time do you think you can convince me?  

 As Christians, we are to share the Good News, the Gospel, Jesus, with those around us.  I hope to see this young woman in paradise….I wonder if Agrippa is there too?  Wonder what he ordered in his Drive thru Jesus exchange?