You probably have someone like him in your family too.  He is sort of an adopted Uncle.  He is not really your uncle.  He was in WWII, fought for us in Germany, loved America, this country and God.  He served America.  He served God.   That is Gene Loguidice.  We knew him as Uncle Gene.   An adopted Uncle.  You would have loved him. 

We met Gene and his wife Catherine about 20 years ago.  A volunteer at church.  He and his wife were always there serving God.  No pay, no position, no recognition,… just serving God, doing what they could.  It was the way people were during this era.  Catherine died a few years ago and then Gene had to go into an assisted living facility.  We would go by during the week but mostly it was a Saturday morning thing with Gene.  My wife would ride him all around creation doing errands.  I would bring him to my work during the week sometimes and he would sit in my office and I would just work and he would….well, tell me all about life.  Uncle Gene loved God. 

Matthew 11:28, Jesus himself says, “Come to me all of you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  Uncle Gene’s body was tired, he told me often he wanted to go to the Lord and that he missed his wife. 

He was 90.  He died last night.  Uncle Gene was a good man.  He was a Godly man.  I loved Uncle Gene.