cindy_crawford_01I wish I could  say that ….but it is not always so…… 

In 1 Samuel 16, Samuel is told to go and pick a King to replace Saul.  Samuel is told to pick one of  the sons of this man, Jesse,  that has a lot of sons.  Samuel sees the first and oldest son, a prime example of a king….but God quickly tells Samuel that, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

So often I fail to look at the heart.  Not just with someone like Cindy Crawford,.. of course I have trouble doing that,…. but with normal people about normal things.  I tend to look at their outward appearance, their attitude, their beliefs, their position, their theology, their actions and I tend to want to see them in my beliefs, the way I want them to be.  But God is different.

Samuel picked the least likely of the young men he was looking for that day….he picked the youngest one with a ruddy complexion.  The least of the family.  It is because this youngest son, David, had a heart for God.  That is what God is looking for when he looks beyond  our outward appearance, beyond our failures, beyond our stumbles, strongholds and habits.  He is looking at our heart.  He wants us to look at the heart too. 

So, try to get by the outward appearance today.  Look at the heart.