Headlines seem to fit today.  However this was a few thousand years ago. 

Joshua had just routed the biggest city of the new world, Jericho.  (this is long but really it when you are curious about this stuff)  The Lord told Joshua and his army to burn everything and take the valuables into the treasury of the nation of Israel.  But there was this one guy, Achan, that took some of the plunder and hid it under his tent.   Not bad, guy out of a few thousand was crooked.   He disobeyed his leader, Joshua, disobeyed the Lord and as a result, according to the Lord, this would bring destruction onto the people.  Achan did this in secret……just like me …..  and probably you when we do our disobedient, sinful things.

Now Joshua was against a smaller army of Ai.  As his men battled this weaker foe, 36 of them were killed.  The Lord said to Joshua that someone had disobeyed…..and Joshua found that it was Achan.  Achan and all he had were then killed,…sort of a self policing of the group. 

This all sounds barbaric and non-God like, very Old Testament, Old Covenant, Not New Covenant stuff, but …… well, there are results of actions, there is a cause and effect.  God’s son, Jesus died for our sins but Jesus was not on the scene  yet. (Old Covenant)   That does not mean that just because there is Jesus now that we can, well, just do what we want and not be concerned with circumstances.  Even in the New Testament, the scriptures say that the wages of sin is death. 

Achan caused some problems for the country and ultimately himself and his family.  Sound familiar America?  New Testament America??  That is what sin and disobedience still does today…..just watch the headlines.