I have never gotten one…..but I have given out many of them…  Send me hate email…but I was a cop for over 20 years.  I gave out tickets for speeding….and running stop signs.  Plain and simple…. it cost a lot of money to speed.  But speeding is really just disobedience.  OK so I am working on a teaching coming this Wednesday night and I have 2 blogs in a row about disobedience.  I disobey too!  OK.  Out in the open.  I am a disobeyer.

1 Samuel 15 is one chapter about disobedience and the cost….about speeding and the fine.  Read it when you get a minute.  God sent a prophet Samuel to a big guy, a King..Saul.  Samuel (the prophet) told Saul(the King) that God (God) said to go kill the Amalekites (bad guys) totally…don’t leave anything….everything zapped.  So Saul sets out….kills a bunch of stuff but does not do what God says.  He runs a stop sign…gets a speeding ticket….disobeys, does some of what God says but not all…..sort of like me sometimes….!! 😦

When approached by Samuel the prophet when Samuel finds out that King Saul did not obey….Saul says that he kept the good stuff for God.   It was like,…well, God told me to do something but I had a better idea.   Samuel recognizes that Saul has disobeyed.  Saul says he kept the good stuff for God.  Samuel says that God wants obedience more than anything else.  Then Saul gets a speeding ticket….gets kicked out of office and another guy (David) gets the gig.

God just wants us to obey.  Wednesday night group…God wants us to do what He says.  He wants us to obey.  Non-Wednesday night group…  speed kills, disobedience has a cost….  It cost a King a job.  It can cost us so much.  I  deal with this obedience/disobedience deal every day.   Speed Kills.