r_stopI have some trouble with stop signs.  Some seem to be in ridiculous places.  Others are in good places but when there is no traffic on the opposing roadways, especially where there is plenty of visibility to see that nothing is coming or even close, well, ….I tend to roll them sometimes.  Now not all of the time but just every now and then.  And it doesn’t hurt anything.   It is like going 80 on the interstate.  Yes, the speed limit is 70 but most people go 80 most of the time or at least some of the time.

In John 14:15 Jesus says, “If you love me you will obey what I command”  Some other versions (KJV) says you will “keep my commandments.”  This word obey or keep really means to guard or protect….and yes, to obey.  So, if I love God, I will guard or protect His commandments or commands.  The scriptures a few verses later says that this includes His “teaching.”

I guess I don’t always protect stop signs or speed limit signs.  It is not that I hate them,…because I don’t.   I guess I just do not love them.  So I wonder if sometimes, because of some lack of obedience on my part, that I maybe do not love God like I should.  I absolutely do not hate God…maybe it is a love problem with me.  I guess what I do sometimes is treat what God is saying to me, His commandments (not just the big 10,..but His teachings),.. I guess I treat them like I do stop signs…. I roll them….maybe rolling commandments, …. or rolling obedience..like when I want to obey.   I guess I have to work on that.