Pack of cigarettes, close-up

That is what he said as he crossed the crosswalk.  Got a smoke?  He said it to the guy right in front of me at the red light,….the guy first in line.  I was second in line. 

He was lean and trim.  Clothes were somewhat clean but obviously days beyond needing a wash.   Looked like he slept in them…..he did.  Shoes worn, shirt tucked in, belt tight to a very small waist.  Gaunt face…..unshaven face…at least for several days….  He had the homeless walk…that determined walk to go somewhere,….anywhere,….nowhere. 

Years ago, I would have looked down my nose at him….my big proud nose….my non-smoking nose…and judge him as a bum.  At the current moment….I did begin to judge him…the thin obviously homeless,…out of work man….asking for a smoke…and getting it from the guy in front of me.

But thin, in that nano second of time that the guy in front gave him a smoke….I thought about me on the way home after work…going to Publix to buy a nice bottle of wine, some fresh chicken and pasta for dinner and some fresh vegetables….and I thought about what he would have for supper.             

Probably nothing.

Lord, forgive me for my judgemental attitude, my holier than thou thoughts,  my pride.  Not for him smoking….that is small potatoes….but for MY judgement of him!

It is raining hard right now tonight in Daytona.  I wonder where he is?