This is a book that gets a lot of it and you will see..and the big boys in the church  business have mixed reviews.  Some see this book as a slam against God, a sacrilegious book that lessens God to some physical figure, others, well, they say it is ok.  For all you swervechurch folks and those that follow this blog,….I would tell you it is worth the time to read it. 

This is a book about relationships, about forgiveness, about redemption, about seeing God in a different light than what you might think.  I have been a follower of Jesus for some time and I confess that “organized religion” has caused me to think certain ways, to believe certain ways that I have later found to be,…well, not in tune with God.  The life of God in my life sort of unfolds as I get older.   I seem to see different aspects of God now that I did not a few years ago,…I seem to see different abilities of God in my life today that I did not see or even believe in earlier in my journey.  God is limitless. 

So, if you are looking for a book that is suspenseful early on and then deep with imagery, love and relationship,….then give The Shack a try.  It is fiction….so if you don’t want to believe any of it….that is ok..  It is fiction,…so if you want to ponder what God is able to do in your life….check it out.