Elijah and Elisha.  Like Kobe and LeBron.  I know Kobe and LeBron.  I have them down, but Elijah and Elisha…….. I have always gotten these two dudes mixed up.  I am a preacher but so what…I get a lot of stuff mixed up.  Check this  out.  In 1 Kings 19: 19-21 the big dog at the time, Elijah called the next in line, Elisha, to be his helper…..and helper he was…. he turned out to be bad to the bone…Anyway, Elisha, at the time, was physically rich.  Elisha was plowing the fields of  his father when Elijah came along and threw his cloak over him.  This is like Obama getting all the votes.  The cloak was a sign or a symbol of power and authority.  So, Elijah put the cloak or power on Elisha and his mandate was so strong that he killed all the oxen he had at the time and burned all the equipment to cook the meat and then followed Elijah.  

In the New Testament, in Matthew, Jesus said that we had to leave our father, mother, our family to be with him or we were not worthy.  Man, that hurts.  I love my parents.  They are the best.  My siblings are just outstanding.  I have 4 children that are fantastic and a wife that is so much better than I am it is unreal. 

But I have to get with God on my own terms.  I have to burn my equipment, the stuff that makes me what I am, and head for Jesus.  I have to forsake my family….on my own terms,….and get with God on what He has for me in my life.   It is a one on one gig….me and God.  That humbles me because it seems like I am so far away from where I need to be.  God is unbelievable in my life.