I got a call from my home bleed Mike Ellis today.  Mike and I have been in ministry together in several different gigs for some time now.  Mike was telling me that Shorty is getting a job.   Shorty is homeless and unemployed…..for some time now…. 

A woman of God, Bonnie, at my church called me a couple of weeks ago and said that a person came in looking for a laborer to work permanent part time.  She felt the Lord directing her to Ellis and would I get the information to him.  I did and it is funny how God works, because this homeless out of work guy, Shorty, who had been volunteering at Mike’s church, fit the bill for the job.  Now Shorty is getting a job.  Shorty gave his life to Christ at a homeless shelter gig Mike does at his church when it gets cold here in Daytona Beach.  Now, Shorty’s getting a job.

This is how God works.  This job was designed for Shorty.  It was because a woman heard from God about this job, she knew God’s voice, and she listened and obeyed.  God has got plans for you.   He tells us in scripture that He has plans for us, plans to prosper us…….  Look and listen for God all around  you,…..even if it is something small…..because it may be small and seemingly insignificant to you…….but it ain’t to Shorty.   It ain’t to God.

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