So Joshua was leading the people of Israel into the promised land.  They had just encountered their last obstacle….outside of the promised land,..The Jordan River.  Joshua 4:4-7 says that Joshua called together the 12 men from the 12 tribes of Israel and told them to go into the still dry river bed, where the Priests were still standing with the Ark of the Covenant, the very presence of God,….and to go into the river bed and get 12 stones, one for each of them.  They were to put the rocks on the promised side of the river to stand as a monument….a sign of what occurred here so “that when your children ask you” …. you can tell them what happened here today.  A rock pile.

I have some rock piles, or monuments too.  A house, car, job, savings account, status, maybe some pride and some ego mixed in…then a whole bunch more “stuff.”  I had to ask myself, what sort of monument, what sort of sign do I have to share with my children about what God has done for me.  I think of all the things that only God could have gotten me through, of all the circumstances that only God could have been the right guidance, of all the times that I tangibly felt the presence of God….and how often do I sit down and specifically tell my kids (and my wife)  about these times. 

How about you too?  What are our monuments and what should they be?  This rock pile on the bank of the Jordan came right out of the middle of what was challenging the people of Israel.  They went into what had stood against them…took out of it a sign for all to see….they had beaten it with God’s help.  Go into what is challenging you today, take it out and let it serve as a rock pile in your life for what God has beaten in your life.